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Who hasn’t wanted to live in a warm tropical climate, surf every day and avoid the cold winter months in Winnipeg!? Well I did just that last March. I loaded my motorcycle, laptop, and suitcase into my truck and drove to Mexico in Baja California, Mexico, where I lived and worked remotely in Ensenada, just one hour south of San Diego. My desire to get away grew stronger as the winter got colder, and I realized that most of my 24 hour day was spent indoors working.

I spend much of my work day corresponding with clients and family online via Skype or FaceTime. I started to wonder if all this correspondence couldn’t be done from a different part of the world. Somewhere warm where I could be outdoors doing the things I love to do, instead of cooped up inside an office all day. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work and I started to question the logistics of the situation. What if it doesn’t work? What if I get there and for some reason or another I need to be in Winnipeg? I threw caution to the wind and at 33 years old decided it was time to live and not worry about if it was going to work rather I would make it work and it did. I drove for 3 days (44 hours) to Mexico enjoying the scenery and freedom.

My first week in Mexico was spent catching up on sleep, setting up my remote office, and learning to get around. Not to mention the language! Corresponding and communicating with my team back in Winnipeg was not an issue and all of our client meetings were done via Skype. If it was really important I was only a 3 hour flight back to Winnipeg from San Diego. So what started out as a 3 week excursion turned in to a 6 month adventure. Designing by day and surfing the warm beaches by night and when there wasn’t any waves long boarding on the board walks and streets. My weekends were spent commuting to and from San Diego where I spent my time stunting with the local sport bike freestyle riders.

With less inter-office distractions I was able to focus and my creative improved as a result. I was inspired by the beauty that surrounded me, and overall just being relaxed and happy. The language barrier was difficult. Buying things and communicating with the locals was a challenge. The biggest hurdle was deciding when to come back! Overall my experience was fantastic and the long distance working arrangement was not a problem. It worked so well it gave us the confidence to hire the newest member of our team, Carlo, who works for BIO from Honduras. I plan on returning to Mexico again this March, learning more Spanish and escaping the bitter cold once again!