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Who hasn’t wanted to live in a warm tropical climate, surf every day and avoid the cold winter months in Winnipeg!? Well I did just that last March, I loaded my motorcycle, laptop, and suitcase into my truck and drove to Baja California, Mexico.

What better way to travel to San Diego, California then in a used fully functional ambulance! The whole idea started when I was looking for a basic van to transport my stunt motorcycle, but most of the vans interiors that I looked at were empty and unfurnished which made it less then appealing for a long distance journey. I also looked some Euro vans but at $50,000 price tag it was a bit out of my price range. While searching Kijiji for vans I came across a used ambulance which caught my attention. Its interior was fully furnished with a stretcher and shelving for medical supplies, seating and working electrical outlets, I thought, why not convert it into a mobile garage? I didn’t want my stunt bike sitting out in the elements and vulnerable to theft and a van made sense. I don’t know if any of you have seen the movie Mother, Jugs and Speed, its stars Bill Cosby (Mother) as an ambulance driver in a modified and suped up van with chrome side pipes and an 8-track player. I was influenced by that film as a teen and thought how cool would it be to drive an ambulance!? Well… now I own one of my own! The van is a 1997 Ford E350 Econoline 7.3L Turbo diesel. I purchased the Van from an ambulance dealership in Saskatoon for $2100 and drove it back to Regina where I removed the ambulance graphics and replaced them with my own and christened her with the nickname “The Stuntmobile”. The interior comes fully furnished with working interior cabin lights, work table, stretcher bed, cabinets and 110V, 9amp electrical outlets for any power tools I may need to plug-in. I think the coolest part of the van are the functional light bar and sirens! I’ll be curious to see what the U.S. border patrols think of it when I cross the Pembina border in March, I’m sure it will attract attention where ever I go! Not for everyone perhaps, but you definitely have to give me points for originality and creative thinking!