Premonition Safety

Premonition Safety Solutions is a Winnipeg based occupational health and safety trainer. As a small up-and-coming player in the industry, Premonition needs to stand out in a strong way. BIO designed the brand identity, vehicle wraps, feather banners, and many other collateral items for the company over our multi-year partnership.

BIO designed and developed the company’s website for desktop and mobile. The carefully crafted website includes content tightly aimed at key segments of Premonition’s audience. The design of the website features custom textures and patterns, carefully selected typography for fantastic legibility, and a modern faux-parallax effect meant to capture the users attention.

Launch website

Responsive web design – What goes into designing a responsive website

When designing a website, BIO frequently starts with mobile considerations first. This mobile first approach allows us to create beautiful and functional mobile sites that almost feel like an app in it’s own right.

Designing a responsive site is a wholly separate process to the main site. Once the general design language is defined, we take each element on the page and ensure that it is comfortable to read on a mobile device. We test our design work on tablets and phones as we work on it to ensure the correct sizing and placement prior to development. Below you will see a brief video showing some of the design process.

Brand Identity

BIO branded Premonition, designing the original logo and slogan. In 2014, BIO evolved the brand as the company prepared for a marketing push in their industry. BIO tweaked typography, brand colours and created a brand standards manual. One the identity work was done, we prepared new collateral – business cards, letterhead, vehicle wraps, and more.  The changes to the brand allowed Premonition to confidently promote their business at trade shows and events throughout the year.

Banner Stands

As part of a series of eight banners stands these eye catching banners were designed to showcase the variety of safety courses offered by Premonition Safety. Used at trade shows these narrow light weight banners compliment the main trade show booth and can be arranged in a variety of different ways to emphasize certain safety courses and attract on lookers. These banners are conversation starters at any event and really create a lot of impact.

Outdoor Feather Banner

In preparation for an event sponsored by Premonition where the company offered rides on some of their rental equipment, BIO prepared feather banners that marked the Premonition demonstration area at the event.

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