Manitoba Physio website

Manitoba Physiotherapy Association

Manitoba Physiotherapy Association already had a website, but it was out of date and needed some TLC. BIO was asked to design and develop the new website. We took the association through our website strategy, design, and development process.

The first thing we identified was a need for the association to become more organized around content creation and management. After our content strategy process we identified the need for both a public and private blog. Special member centric commentary and information articles appear on the blog, while articles for a general audience appear on the public blog. Our process also identified the need to create a content governance process that involved a dedicated committee to produce content for the site and regular newsletter.

From a technical standpoint the website synchronized the member database with the national association, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Using a SOAP application programming interface the website is always up to date with the latest member information.

Design-wise the site set a new direction for the association and the website was designed with mobile use in mind, given a fast growing mobile segment of users. The overall design direction focuses more on content legibility than use of images, as our content strategy process identified that producing good quality photography to be problematic for the association. Backed by the Drupal content management system, the site is both beautiful and functional.

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