Imagine You’re Young and Homeless…

Imagine You’re Young and Homeless…

Darcy Hastings

Lines. You line up for every meal. A shower. A bed. To use a computer. To see a doctor.

You are tired from standing and walking much of the day on minimal energy since you aren’t eating enough. You’re cold because you bounce between soup kitchens and shelters frequently. You’re suffering from depression while isolated from family and friends.

Imagine trying to get your life on track in that environment.

This December BIO is raising funds in support of Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY) with our annual BIO Boost. RaY is a great group of people reaching out to youth living on the street. They provide meals, showers, mental health and addictions counseling, and a place to come in from the cold.

As a youth resource centre RaY provides a range of work experience programs. They make it easy for kids with nothing to access computers in a safe environment.

Let’s join RaY in saving kids from falling through the cracks in our community. Watch the video below to see some of the great results this organization has produced and take the next step by donating at